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Home Flood Insurance:

There are now two options for homeowners in the private flood market.  First is the Lloyds market which is a stand alone market similar to NFIP.  The other option is with Homeowners Choice Insurance company.  They will add flood insurance as an endorcement to their homeowners policies. If you are willing to change homeowners compainies the Homeowners Choice maybe the least expensive option out on the market today! 

Private flood insurance was created because home owners wanted better flood coverage with more options with lower premiums and fees.  We provide superior coverage with more options-yet with lower premiums and fees.

Our private flood insurance program meets all of FEMA’s 6 criteria for acceptable private flood insurance.  However our product goes well beyond FEMA’s criteria and gives our client better coverage options. 

Coverage Options:

$1,000 for temporary dwelling residence (option to $5,000)

15-day waiting period only

Option to purchase waiver of coinsurance endorsement

Includes loss assessment coverage due to increased cost of compliance

Lower rates and fees- 10% to 25% lower premiums; lower fees

“A” or higher rated insurers

Claims adjusting company for prompt and accurate service

Deductible Options- $1,000 to $250,000

Convenient and hassle-free rollover-same coverage at lower premium

We also have access to National Flood Insurance Program we work with several WYO carriers to provide the best coverage for you. 


To obtain a quote, please provide a copy of the primary flood declaration page or Flood application as well as an elevation certificate.





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